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Hey thar! Just updating 'cause I got the livejournal app it's pretty good :3 Just wanted to see how it works c:

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Update :’D

So much to talk about right now!

First of all, I’ve realised what it’s like to have the sudden happiness that the bitch you hate has gotten what she deserved. A shit new boyfriend, her “best” friends think she’s a complete bitch and a back stabber and also, they’ve all realised that she’s lied to them about to much whilst they’d been friends and they all hate her now.

It’s such a good feeling.

Especially because the one they all used to hate was me. The tables have turned and it’s amazing. I hope she realises how much of a bitch she is – her current boyfriend is her “best” friend’s crush (of which her “best” friend had liked for 3 months prior.)

But anyway!

Cosplay updates… that I always do but never really keep to~ I’m such a procrastinator!

Currently, I’m planning;

  • CMVs
  • Around 4 Photo Shoots
  • An Amnesia Mini Series
  • and Several song parodies with accompanying videos!

These I will P R O M I S E to keep to! I’m really motivated right now so I should be filming the Amnesia Mini Series shortly. I won’t release any information about it right now because I want to keep it a secret until I get a trailer done and also a few teasers to the first episode. I really want it to be good! We’ve steered off the original storyline a little but I hope it can be excused because we want it to be interesting and something people will watch happily~!

I’m also currently revising for upcoming exams that I have to do so things are a little slow paced but I’m still planning and getting things ready so that they can be carried out once my exams are completed as a small “reward” I guess.


So yeah~!
Also, I kinda want to set up a “…. Productions” group for my friends and I for skits and photoshoots but I guess we’ll leave that one for now.

Until next update…..



UselessReaper–Cosplay Quotes Part 1!

Basically, so far on my cosplay channel, there are quite a few quotes that I think deserve to be noted~!

So sit back and prepare to giggle!

Grell’s Rambling’s! ~Mini Clip 1~

Wehhh! It’s all dying… – Me (as Grell).

We don’t want WIRES in the shot! – Me (as Grell).

If We… Get off my boob. MY MANLY BOOB. – Me (as Grell).

Don’t call them moobs. They’re prettier than moobs. –Me (as Grell).

I… Bit your hair… – Amber (as Ronald).

Don’t you fumnum dare! – Amber (as Ronald).

No it’s not, it’s nnnnng. – Amber (as Ronald).

WHERE IS YOUR TICKLE SPOT!? – Amber (as Ronald).

I have extra hands! – Me (as Grell).

Amber (Ronald) – Can I tuck it into your jacket?
Me (Grell) – No!
Amber (Ronald) – And put it into a ponyta-
Me (Grell) – No.
Amber (Ronald) – But they can’t see i-
Me (Grell) – Noooooo.

Me (Grell) – Get it out!
Amber (Ronald) – It’s not in…

It starts off like… you have multiple arms! – Amber (as Ronald)

Grell’s Expo Video!

If they’ve got Rock Band ™ I’m dragging you on it! – Ellie (as Ciel).

We have to find a Claude and murder him. – Ellie (as Ciel).

We also need to do… find Bard. – Amber (as Finnian).

I could go in if I wanted to! But I don’t want to… – Amber (as Finnian).

The carpet is doing wonders to my feet… – Me (as Grell).

Butt bow! How is your butt bow? – Amber (as Finnian).

Small Update.

So currently, I’m trying to figure out what to do with Wonderland-Pro. I’m sorting out what to do as a first project and all those sorts of things right now. So I suppose when we’ve all got our stuff together, you have pictures/videos of that to look forward to!

I’m also in the midst of downloading some game OSTs. Like Bioshock, Penumbra, Amnesia and Left 4 Dead. So maybe look forward to seeing some themed cosplay shots and CMVs.

So anyway, just to let you know what’s going down on the cosplay front~!

Now, here’s a few Wonderland-Pro pictures we have so far, even if you’ve already seen them on DA. I want an excuse to use pictures~!

A Literate Girl

Does it Suit Me

Hold On

Crushes Meme~!

  • Tumblr crush -
    I really don’t know. I follow some really amazing people and it’s really hard to decide between them all.
  • Movie star crush -
    Liam Neeson. I know, I know. He’s like WAY older than I am… But DAMN. He’s fine. 
  • TV star crush -
    Ben Willbond. He’s so amazing~ 
  • Comic book character crush -
    Does Manga count? ‘Cause if it does, Agni~ 
  • Dreamworks crush -  
    Changeddddd so I could answer accordingly. Tulio (Dreamworks) <3 
  • Cartoon character crush -
    Sebastian Michaelis<3 I’d tap dat ass.
  • Singer/songwriter crush -
    Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco. Mmm.
  • Blonde crush -
    Germany of Hetalia XD
  • Movie character crush -
    Mother fucking Red Mist ;D   
  • TV character crush -
    Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush. I’m a loser. Yeah. 
  • Television commercial/ advertisement character crush -
    Takeru from that LOTTE Fits CM. He’s pretty lunch.
  • Video game character crush -
    Riku from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Brunette crush -
    Mila Kunis. FEMCRUSH. Leave me be. 
  • Book character crush -
    Is it bad to say Erik Night from the House of Night series? 
  • Opposite of gender preference crush -
    Taemin <3
  • Person with glasses crush -
    Amber Crotty, bishes.
  • Sci-fi crush -
    Fuckin’ Qui-Gon Ginn. UNF. 
  • Mythical creature crush -
    Dem Centaurs. Who wouldn’t? Oh jeez, what am I even?
  • Gadget crush -
    Lolwut? Shall I just say Inspector Gadget? Or? Idk…
  • Villain crush -
    Roxy Richter from Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Idk, she’s just rather UNF.
  • Vintage crush -
    Vintage as in old? Or? Uhm.. Ken Watanabe. I feel ashamed I don’t pay him much attention.
  • Antihero/badass crush -
    Antihero? Against the hero… Frank D’Amico. I have this thing for older guys rn OTL
  • Comedian crush -
    Usually girls/guys alike would probably say Russell Howard.. I’m saying Michael McIntyre. He’s pretty fine to be honest.
  • Ginger crush - 
    I don’t have one-
    Shit um.
  • Historical figure crush - 
    Oskar Schindler.
    Dat guy is fucking amazing. He’s such an admirable man, I think.    
  • Food network crush -
    I don’t watch them. ;A; I don’t have one /shot/
  • Other species/alien crush -
    Slenderman. Oh bby. LOLOL /shot again/
  • Unnatural hair color crush -
    Axel or Grell. Idk. Both?
  • Undead crush -
    Erik from True Blood. Oh I really would.
  • Guilty pleasure crush -
    Ralph Fiennes. He’s a sexy Voldemort. Oh dear lawd what am I?

So, there are my crushes for the several categories. Ho lawd. I’m such an odd ho. Some of it is complete crack, okay? Like Slenderman. But don’t tell him that, or he’ll be sad.

Something I don’t usually blog about.

A small rant.

Currently, my older cousin is living with me. I personally, am okay with it. I really like her and I think to be honest, we’re really similar. We really get along, we always have.
However, something that REALLY bugs me, is the fact that my Dad is forever having a go at her and yelling at her. I know that sometimes she can be a little untidy but she’s always polite.
And when we’re away from her, my parents are constantly bitching about her. I hardly think it’s fair.
They really wouldn’t like it if someone was the same about them

It just really pisses me off.

I just really want to rage about it all.
They just aren’t that fair about it.


I just hardly think that any of it is fair and they’re just so out of line to be honest.
It’s terrible.

Mar. 12th, 2011

 I have genuine tears in my eyes as I'm reading through the list of Singers/VAs/J-Celebs that are okay. There are some I know of that aren't on the list. I'm about to cry so hard for them and just pray. 
I'm praying for Japan. 
I'm praying for everyone in Japan. 

They need ALL of our hope and prayers right now. 

Japan <3

Lucifer/Bonamana Mashup – CMV.

Since last night, I realised that the mashup of Lucifer and Bonamana (remixed by Don Faustino) would REALLY look awesome as a KHR vs. DRRR video/CMV. It’s an idea that’s calling me right now and to be honest, I really want to crack on and make it. But I first must list who is who and whether we have all the right people.

SHINee – Lucifer (Durarara!!!)
Jonghyun – Mikado
Onew – Kida
Key – Shizuo
Taemin – Shinra
Minho – Izaya
(Note: The crossover is not based on the personalities or whether they are main characters, it is simply based on who I think should be who.)

Super Junior – Bonamana (Katekyo Hitman REBORN!)
Siwon – Dr Shamal
Heechul – Gokudera
Leeteuk – Lambo (Adult)
Sungmin – Yamamoto
Donghae – Chrome
Eunhyuk - G
Han Geng – Tsuna
Kangin – Reborn (Adult)
Ryeowook – Ryohei
Kyuhyun – Hibari
Kibum – Chikusa
Yesung – Giotto
Shindong – Ken
(Note: The crossover is not based on the personalities or whether they are main characters, it is simply based on who I think should be who.)

I feel that I’ve created pure art with this…

I believe I know most of the people I’m going to be including in this too. Which is great!

So I found this list on http://tinagray.me and personally, I think it’s a perfect Grell list. It’s motivated me and I’m going to do a mini video of all of this.


A pair of red shoes, red lipstick and red lacy underwear.


A pair of sparkly shoes.


A big handbag, a clutch and a brown or black handbag.


Oversized sunglasses.


Pretty perfume and black mascara.


A pearl necklace.


A love letter, or post-it.


A little black dress.


A killer pair of jeans that fit you like a glove.


A diary.